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Moeller is one of the most highly rated, innovative electrical engineering & electronic company in the world. Moeller range of product provides the basic solution for industries and Buildings.

It comprises medium and low voltage switching system, busbar trunking system, which feeds power to precisely where the load is.

Moeller switchgear provides safety and reliability in electrical switching system from small building board to the modular power distribution and motor control system up to 5000 A.

Moeller, is known for providing some of the highest quality, most reliable and safest possible products including Moeller Relays, Moeller circuit breakers, and Moeller disconnect products as well. If you are looking for products that provide the highest available level of reliability, safety and security, then the Moeller Electric line of products offered by Kent Industries is the right direction to take.

Switchgear and automation system controls & monitor and safe guards the production processes in industry. Installation technology and building automation technology provide safety and comfort in buildings.

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